Have You Been Charged With Shoplifting?

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Facing any type of criminal charge is nerve-wracking. Thankfully, you don't have to go it alone. If you've been charged with shoplifting in Tampa, FL, reach out to The Wade Law Firm. As your shoplifting attorney, we will get your side of the story, discuss potential outcomes and relentlessly fight for you in court.

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Get representation for any type of shoplifting charge

Get representation for any type of shoplifting charge

Shoplifting doesn't stop at taking possessions out of a store without paying. Shoplifting charges also apply in cases where a person has:

Taken a shopping cart
Altered a label or price tag
Moved merchandise from one container to another

If you're facing shoplifting charges, set up an appointment with our shoplifting attorney today. We'll go above and beyond for you and keep you informed throughout the entire process.