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Case Results


DUI 2nd - No DUI Conviction

Client was arrested for Driving Under the Influence 2nd offense and Possession of Marijuana while he was still on probation for his first DUI. He hit a pole and called the police and told the police he was driving the car and had an accident. He then failed field sobriety exercises and refused to take the breath test. Police arrested him for DUI, searched him, and found marijuana in his pockets. After filing a motion to dismiss and lengthy negotiations with the state, I was able to convince the state to drop the marijuana charge and reduce the DUI to reckless driving as well as put off sentencing until after the client was terminated from his probation on the first DUI charge which avoided a possible violation of probation. Client was not sentenced to any jail time.

Felony DUI - Reduced to Misdemeanor - No Jail

Client was arrested for DUI 3rd offense within 10 years, a felony charge which requires a minimum mandatory jail time of 30 days. Client was slurring his words to the extent that he was hard to understand and was obviously extremely intoxicated on the video police provided. After successfully calling the legitimacy of the prior DUI convictions into questions, the state agreed to reduce the DUI to a misdemeanor and agreed to no jail and straight probation.

DUI BAC Above 0.08 - All Criminal Charges Dismissed

After being stopped for her bad driving pattern and failing the roadside exercises, client was arrested for DUI, she admitted to driving and blew above 0.08. I successfully challenged the validity of the breath test and forced the state to dismiss the DUI and all criminal charges.

DUI Bad Field Sobriety - Not Guilty

Police observed client to be visually drunk in a restaurant parking lot and told client not to drive but to call a friend to get a ride home. About 10 minutes later, the same police officer sees client driving his car and immediately pulls him over for suspicion of drunk driving. The police also observe a flat tire on the car, the client was driving. Police ask him to submit to roadside exercises and client did so and failed. Police arrest him for DUI and client refuses to provide a breath test. The state attorney's office would not negotiate with us and refused to make client any acceptable offers. I took the case to a jury trial and achieved a NOT GUILTY verdict from the jury.

Drug Charges

Felony Drug Charges - No Criminal Conviction

Police came to client's house with a search warrant and found marijuana plants, pots, lights, fans in the garage as well as more marijuana in the house. Police also observed client try to get throw away some marijuana over the fence before searching the house. Client was arrested for various drug charges, including cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana as well as tampering with evidence. After extensive negotiations with the state attorney's office, I was able to negotiate an outcome that resulted in NO CONVICTION and a possibility of all charges being dismissed.

Violent Crimes

Felony Stalking - No Felony Conviction

Client sent hundreds of threatening text messages to his girlfriend, including a message showing a picture of a gun. The girlfriend was scared for her life and reported the client to police. The state attorney had all of the text messages and charged with 3 felony stalking charges. the client was facing a minimum of 5 years in prison as well as felony convictions. After presenting mitigating evidence to the state attorney's office, the state agreed to reduce the charges to misdemeanors, a short jail sentence and no probation.

Domestic Violence - Charges Dropped

Client was accused of hitting his wife. The police observed bruises and had a statement from the wife of how her husband hit her. At the first court hearing, hours after the arrest, the court imposed a no-contact order preventing the client from speaking to his wife. I set a hearing to set aside the no contact order and was able to convince the court to not only set aside the no-contact order but to DISMISS the charges.

Violation of Probation

Client Failed to Report to Probation and Fulfill Conditions - Violation Dismissed

Client was on felony probation and failed to do the community service hours, pay all of the fines and costs as required, and failed to report to the probation officer as required. Her probation was violated and client was arrested without the ability to bond out based on the request of the probation officer. I was able to have her released from jail within a few days without her having to post a bond and after a court hearing, I was able to convince the judge to dismiss the Violation of Probation.

New Felony Charge While on Sex Offender Probation - Violation Dismissed

Client was on probation for two counts of sexual contact with a minor. While on probation, he was arrested for a new felony charge. After several court hearings, I was able to convince the state to dismiss the violation of probation.

New Misdemeanor Arrest While on Felony Probation - Probation Terminated / No Jail on Misdemeanor

Client was on felony probation and was arrested for a new misdemeanor charge, didn't complete his community service hours as required, didn't pay his fines, court costs, and restitution as required, and failed to update his address with probation. He was arrested for violation of probation without the ability to bond out. After only a few days in jail, I was able to convince the judge to terminate his probation, no additional jail time on his misdemeanor, and have client released from jail without having to report back to probation.

New Felony Arrest While on Felony Probation - Violation Dismissed

Client was on felony probation and was arrested for another felony charge. I immediately filed a motion to dismiss and the court agreed and dismissed the violation of probation after only a few days.

Client Kicked out Of Drug Treatment - Violation of Probation Dismissed

Client was on probation for a third DUI and was ordered to complete a drug and alcohol treatment program which allowed him to avoid a lengthy jail sentence when he was originally sentenced. Client allegedly failed to complete the drug treatment program and was arrested for violation of probation without the ability to bond out. Less than 24 hours after the arrest, I was able to convince the court to set a low bond so client could bond out immediately. After lengthy arguments in and outside of court, I was able to have the violation of probation dismissed altogether.

Please note that the circumstances in each case are different and these case results should not be seen as a guarantee.