Why Hire Our Criminal Defense Law Firm?

We provide personalized representation to Tampa, FL area residents

Being convicted of a crime could mean losing your job and freedom. While you might feel powerless to fight your criminal charges, you do have options. Attorney Kerstin Wade of The Wade Law Firm will investigate your case and develop a defense, leaving no stone unturned.

Since 2017, our criminal defense law firm has been fighting relentlessly for Tampa, FL area residents who've been charged with...

Drug crimes, like marijuana possession or trafficking a controlled substance
Traffic crimes, like driving under the influence or on a suspended license
Theft crimes, like shoplifting or embezzlement
Violent crimes, like assault or felony battery

We handle cases just like yours throughout Hillsborough, Polk, Manatee, Sarasota and Pinellas counties, so we're familiar with the local prosecutors and police officers.

We'll go the extra mile to assist you

Attorney Wade has over 10 years of experience. With her on your side, you'll rest easy knowing...

You can get straight answers to your questions anytime.
You won't face the judge or jury alone.
You have a fighting chance.

We'll try to keep your criminal record clean by looking into diversion, treatment programs or other alternative ways to resolve your case. Attorney Wade never settles for the prosecutor's first offer.


Contact our criminal defense law firm today to start building your case.

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DUI Defense

You're likely facing automatic penalties, so don't wait to call our DUI attorney.

traffic ticket lawyer tampa fl

Traffic Tickets

Fight your traffic ticket with help from our experienced traffic ticket lawyer.

drug trafficking tampa fl

Drug Crimes

Possession is nine-tenths of the law. Retain our criminal defense attorney to speak up for you.

criminal defense attorney tampa fl

Violent Crimes

It might feel like the whole world is against you, but The Wade Law Firm is on your side.

The results are in

We're a reputable law firm based in Tampa, FL. Attorney Wade has successfully...

Argued to dismiss all criminal charges
Convinced judges to reduce sentencing
Achieved not guilty verdicts for her clients

Read the Case Results page to learn more about her track record.