Accused of Drug Trafficking or Possession?

Here's why you need a criminal defense attorney in Tampa, FL

Florida takes drug crimes seriously, which is why drug trafficking and possession carry severe penalties. If you're facing jail time or hefty fines because Tampa, FL area authorities found marijuana or a controlled substance on you or in your car, get in touch with the criminal defense attorney at The Wade Law Firm.

Attorney Wade can explore defenses like entrapment or illegal search and seizure to fight your drug trafficking or possession charges. Call 813-401-0130 now to get started.

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Small substance amounts, big penalties

Did you know you could face a minimum of three years behind bars for possessing just...

One gram of LSD?
Seven grams of oxycodone?
Ten grams of ecstasy (MDMA)?

If you've been charged with possessing or trafficking drugs, contact our criminal defense attorney in Tampa, FL today. Ask attorney Wade how she can help you avoid a lengthy prison sentence.